The region of Beira Baixa is rich by its regionalism gastronomic marked by excellent agricultural products such as olive oil and cheese.

This heritage is nothing but influenced by the soil and the climate. It is, par excellence, a region of good pastures where the pastoral activity has always been present, either as a way of subsistence or as a traditional activity.

To make cheese is an art which appears on our tables as an important element of our gastronomy in the region and which reveals the skill of the hands that shaped it.
Anyway, the secret was passing from one generation to the next, and this is why our cheese is still hand made.

The "Lourenço & Filhos" Cheese Factory, which started this business 40 years ago, in the village of Tostão. Today is located in Vila Velha de Rodão, near the mountains of Talhadas. In this place, favored by nature, it is possible to admire the well known "Portas de Ródão". The founders of this family business dedicated themselves to the production of spicy cheese from fresh cheese.

Since then, our way of working has evolved in parallel with the "Knowledge of Tradition" developed over all these years. Currently, this heritage of knowledge, treasured and gained by several generations of the Lourenço family joins, in a harmonious way, the new technologies of production of exceptional quality cheese.

Today, the "Lourenço & Filhos" Cheese Factory is a modern unit in the industrial area of Vila Velha de Ródão and has as main activity the production of sheep's cheese which, compliance with all food standards. In addition to continuing to produce the cheese "Queimoso", "Ovelha curado" and "Ovelheira" produces the Beira Baixa, Protected Designation of Origin (DOP).