Demanding consumers stimulated by factors such as increasing purchasing power and concerns with health and diet, feel the need to know the origins of the product and how it is produced.

It is important to present "fresh" and tasty quality products which do not implicate health risks and, to do so, it is necessary to increase the level of information and traceability to generate more credibility by the company to the consumer to achieve mutual trust.

Lourenço & Filhos Cheese factory aims to market healthy and quality products which meet the standards of hygiene and food safety. Fulfilling legal requirements, preserving public health and that simultaneously meet standards in terms of taste and appearance to market only safe products.

Traceability is an ongoing process that starts at the producer’ s farm, where regular analyses are done to check the quality of the raw material – THE SHEEP’S MILK.

For each cheese making a batch is assigned to accompany the cheese to the final consumer. If you detect an anomalous situation, the product is easily identified and removed from the market quickly and effectively.

Records of the different areas of production and storage are filled out: the collecting and reception of the milk, the cheese making, the cleansings, the temperatures of the chambers, as well as records of each output of the products.